How commercetools moved from pure self-serve to selling to the enterprise | Kelly Goestch, Chief Product Officer, commercetools

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When Kelly Goetsch first joined commercetools, the company was heavily focused on selling bottoms up to developers. Why did it pivot towards a more Enterprise go-to-market motion?

Their self-serve engine was going too slowly.

Although developers were the users, they weren’t the best buyers for a commerce platform. Often it was the Sales or Revenue executives who championed the purchase.

So how did commercetools layer on a successful top-down engine onto a #productledgrowth business?

What they did obviously worked, as they are a $1.9b business today. This episode covers:

  1. How to hire the right people to layer on an enterprise go-to-market motion effectively
  2. What are the most common needs of an enterprise customer
  3. How to conduct research and build product for the enterprise, when you have far fewer users than a PLG company
  4. What Kelly’s career advice is for Product Managers

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