The rigorous approach to growth that took Sprout Social to $200m in revenue | Peter Soung, Co-Founder & Director of Growth, Eng. & Product at Sprout Social

Nathan Wangliao2 min read
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Peter Soung founded Sprout Social, Inc. more than 10 years ago, and today it is a public company with $200m+ in annual revenue.

More impressively, he knows all about the ins and outs of growing a self-serve product.

There’s been a ton of content created about PLG in the past year. You might think you’ve seen it all.

But, if you want to actually hear about the tactical details of what worked and what didn’t, or about the hard-won lessons that came from growing a company for an entire decade – this is the episode to check out.

Things we covered include:

  • How to find the ‘dead ends’ in your product that users can get stuck in
  • How to streamline the user experience while customizing it for different use cases and different levels of user sophistication
  • How to run effective growth experiments for your product

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