Data in,
PQLs Out.

HeadsUp’s tool uses data science to identify Product Qualified Leads, and pushes them into your sales workflow to increase conversion rates

Built for product-led sales teams

The problem

You're sitting on gold,
but don't know how to mine

Don’t know who and when to upsell

You have a ton of free tier or trial users, but struggle to identify those with high likelihood to convert who you should be focusing sales efforts on.

Lack the right usage insights to sell better

You spend lots of time digging through data or doing discovery in calls, because you lack relevant insights from your product usage data that you need to engage customers impactfully.

Unsure what’s the best action to take

You wonder if the sales actions you’re taking are as impactful as they could be. But you don’t have a system to reliably figure out what the best next steps to take are.

Identify Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) for 5x increase in conversion

Avoid sales outreach that goes nowhere. HeadsUp identifies PQLs so you can zero in on customers with the highest likelihood to buy. Put your product usage and customer data to work.

Find out more about PQLs

Take decisive action with the help of downstream integrations

Get intelligent suggestions from HeadsUp on the best actions to take in order to close the deal. Tap into our seamless integrations with other tools to accelerate your sales cycle.

Receive push notifications when its the best time to engage

HeadsUp tracks user behavior in real-time and alerts you to upsell opportunities. Receive actionable customer insights at the right moment, instead of spending hours digging through your CRM and spreadsheets.

Relevant usage insights, right at your fingertips

Say no more to unnecessary discovery conversations. HeadsUp surfaces relevant contextual insights from your usage data so you can focus on what each customer cares about.

Get best-in-class PQL identification with built-in analytics

Not sure which usage metrics should go into your PQL? HeadsUp provides recommendations to help you define your PQL with machine learning models.

Plug and play

HeadsUp integrates seamlessly with your tech stack. Access data from Segment and other sources, while taking action in your favourite revenue tools.


Revenue teams nowadays have so many decisions to make - which leads to focus on, how to engage them. HeadsUp helps us zero in on the right actions to take, using our product data.

YaekyumGlobal Head of CX

Made for sales and revenue teams

Sales leaders

Sales leaders

Direct your sales teams towards high impact leads and actions. By replacing intuition with data, new team members can quickly become as productive as experienced seller.

Revenue Ops

Revenue Ops

Zero in on the user behaviors that predict conversion and expansion. Spend more time strategising and less time setting up dashboards and data pipelines.

Account Executives

Account Executives

Only spend time on leads that are ready to convert. Make every call count by knowing your customer's needs before you even pick up the phone.



Easily identify PQLs and put them in front of your GTM teams to act on. See all your activation and conversion metrics go through the roof.

Hit targets!

HeadsUp is
SOC 2 Type II Certified

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SOC 2 Type 2 certified. GDPR, CCPA, Pen test

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