Don’t waste time looking for product usage data: Announcing HeadsUp’s CRM extension

Nathan Wangliao4 min read

“My reps spend more time finding and interpreting data than selling.”

A VP of Sales at a Series C cloud infrastructure complained to me recently.

“They often switch between 3-4 apps to research one account. On top of that, each rep has to digest complex data, and there’s no standard process.”

Here’s what his reps were spending time doing:

  • They were consulting Salesforce to understand how many seats an account had, and other deal information.
  • They were looking for product usage data across spreadsheets and Looker to prioritize their outreach and customize each demo.
  • Each rep interpreted the data in different ways. Some would try to prioritize accounts with increasing usage; others would look for ones that used specific features.

The VP of Sales had a nagging feeling that this wasn’t the best use of time. 

We don’t hire reps to be analysts, he thought. And there was also no standardization across the team on what signals they should monitor.

Supercharge your Salesforce and Hubspot to drive more revenue

Giving reps access to data ought to help them sell better. 

They can zero in on the accounts that need a human touch. We’ve also met reps who love to deploy a different approach for selling to each account based on what the firmographic, demographic, and usage data says. 

However, the ways reps are accessing today are not helpful, from the need for them to interpret the data themselves to the mind-boggling sprawl across many tools. 

It’s stressful and time-consuming.

With our CRM extension, sales teams can now avoid the pain of digging through several tools for data. 

More importantly, reps will see only the essential data points that actually help to close the deal. 

Our extension automatically pops up whenever you look at an account in Salesforce or Hubspot. It also follows you around as you switch from one account to another.

View the data you need, right where you work

HeadsUp’s CRM extension shows reps only the data they need. Our customers have used its data to close more revenue faster, with less stress.

Here’s what it shows to reps:

  1. Our ML-powered conversion score. No longer will reps have to do their own guesswork. HeadsUp’s machine learning parses your historical data to tell you how likely each account is to convert. 
  2. Key conversion indicators. We show the top indicators for conversion identified by our ML-powered analysis so reps can understand why each account is a good fit. It might be a specific usage pattern or a fact about the company, like the number of employees or funds raised.
  3. Power users and buyers. Reps can immediately identify the most senior stakeholders using their product and which users love spending lots of time in it. 
  4. Key product interactions. Reps love seeing how each account has been behaving in the product. They can personalize their outreach and demos with this almost-uncanny understanding of the customer.
Access conversion and usage indicators in one glance with the CRM extension

What do HeadsUp’s customers say?

“The Salesforce extension makes me feel the team is getting the right insights from all this data. Most importantly, my reps say it makes them faster and more effective!” A Sales Director at a $3B company told us. 

Here are the top 3 benefits we’ve heard from users of our extension:

Easy access to data, without the noise. Instead of reps being overwhelmed by all the firmographic, demographic, billing, and usage data, they now only see the data points that move the needle. By scanning the extension, the rep can decide which account to engage, who to talk to, and how to approach the conversation. All in less than 5 minutes.

A standardized process. The sales team or revops team can centrally manage what data each rep relies on. Our ML-powered product suggests indicators, but leaders or ops teams can tweak them easily. Once the data points are locked down, the extension then shows them to every rep. 

More scalability, less training. As a company grows, the average tenure of the team drops. New reps need to onboard within days. In the past, our customers found the training process to be overwhelming. They had to point reps to many tools and dashboards, and teach them what data they should care about and what to ignore. Now, the process is painless. Once a rep is used to the extension, they are aligned with the whole team!

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