Shogun’s CRO on how you should structure your revenue org | Kristen Habacht, Chief Revenue Officer at Shogun

Nathan Wangliao2 min read
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“How do I think about org in product-led growth?”

We’ve had many listeners ask us about this. So we are sharing a masterclass in all things org!

Kristen Habacht is a PLG veteran. Before joining Shogun as CRO, she led revenue teams in Atlassian and Trello.

Having seen so many flavors of org structures, and designed revenue orgs herself, she’s super qualified to teach us about all the tough choices and trade-offs.

Listen to this episode if you are part of a growing revenue team.

Topics we covered include:

  1. What are the most gnarly questions when it comes to org structures?
  2. Org is all about trade-offs. There is no perfection. So what are the key trade-offs to think about?
  3. What should the revenue org look like at $10m ARR, $50m ARR, and beyond that?
  4. The common mistakes people make when it comes to org
  5. Kristen’s path to being CRO and how to chart your own progression in revenue leadership

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