How Very Good Security made PLG its competitive edge | Mahmoud Abdelkader, Co-Founder & CEO of Very Good Security

Nathan Wangliao1 min read
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Very Good Security isn’t Mahmoud Abdelkader’s first rodeo.

Learn how he helped build a Series C PLG powerhouse.

VGS is the 3rd startup Mahmoud has worked on, and it was born out of a pain point he faced when building out Balanced Payments, a fintech startup.

From day 1, Mahmoud knew that he had to make the product as self-serve as possible, since he was selling to developers.

In our interview, we discussed:

  1. How VGS develops a deep knowledge of their customers (every startup is ‘customer-obsessed’, but VGS really goes the extra mile!)
  2. What Mahmoud means when he says PLG is really about ‘customer-driven adoption’
  3. What were the pitfalls they encountered as they scaled the GTM motion

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